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Patient with crutches meeting with a Doctor at Guy

Supporting exceptional care

We're helping the teams at Guy’s and St Thomas’ stay one step ahead, exceeding the ever-changing needs of those who need their care. 

Together we’re dedicated to finding new ways to improve patient care.

Shaping innovative approaches, supporting the development of new treatments and transforming people’s experience of care.

“Life Lines saved my life. Being able to see my husband and sister’s faces and their smiles, and hear their voices gave me the strength to keep fighting.”

Georgia Prorok, who was cared for in the intensive care unit after catching COVID-19
Georgia with her husband and sister.

Connecting isolated people with their families

When Georgia Prorok spent six weeks in intensive care after catching COVID-19, she had some dark moments. But thanks to an innovative new project that we were able to support, she felt less isolated and scared while in hospital.

“It was like living a nightmare,” says Georgia (pictured centre). “I was scared when I woke up from the coma and all I wanted was my family to be by my side.”

And while that wasn’t possible, she could at least see and talk to her husband and sister via Life Lines*. This is a specially created online platform that enables virtual ‘bedside’ visits and vital communication between staff, patients and family members, using mobile devices.

With your support, we have been able to fund a Family Communications Team to help patients use Life Lines, and stay connected to their loved ones during a traumatic time.

*Life Lines was developed by Prof Louise Rose and Dr Joel Meyer, supported through King’s Health Partners in collaboration with clinicians, academics, companies and charities.

“It’s not only healthcare they’re getting. It’s emotional support too, from people who understand and care.”

Melu Mekonnen, senior housing liaison officer, Homeless Health Team
Seven staff outside St Thomas

Stepping up for the most vulnerable

Some of the most vulnerable patients cared for by Guy’s and St Thomas’ are homeless. That’s why we support the dedicated Homeless Health Team (pictured), so patients who are homeless can access vital healthcare and additional support.

Thanks to donations, we have funded their Homeless Patients Legal Advocacy Service, which is run in collaboration with Southwark Law Centre. This is a unique service that provides legal, housing and healthcare support for homeless people in our communities.

With your support, we are helping Guy’s and St Thomas’ reach out to everyone who needs them.

Two doctors in scrubs looking at the camera

Speeding up the first steps of recovery

Long stays in intensive care can lead to weaker muscles, especially when patients have been on life support. While these remarkable machines support their essential organs, they cannot maintain muscle strength, leaving patients physically weak.

Thanks to your donations, we were able to fund unique pieces of equipment (pictured) that help people in intensive care to sit up, move their arms and legs, and get out of bed more easily.

This means even the weakest patients with the help of the brilliant physiotherapists can start taking the first essential steps towards their physical recovery.  Whilst also boosting their mental health and getting back to daily life as soon as possible.

Supporting us means we can supply the dynamic Guy’s and St Thomas’ teams with life transforming equipment beyond what the NHS can provide.

Care never stands still – so neither do we

We strive to support exceptional care for our communities, and we need you to do your bit. Will you go the extra mile, and show you care by donating today?

Patient with crutches meeting with a Doctor at Guy

Help the relentless Guy’s and St Thomas’ teams stay one step ahead and transform people’s experience of care