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Male hospital worker in full PPE

Reacting fast to COVID-19

As one of the first NHS trusts to treat people with COVID-19, Guy's and St Thomas' showed remarkable strength in exceptional circumstances.

Despite being pushed to their limits, their passion and commitment was astounding.

As the pandemic continues to impact on patients and communities, the teams remain at the frontline and at the forefront of treatment and recovery.

“It has been a challenging time for everyone. All staff came together to treat COVID-19 patients. Our critical care team has been beyond phenomenal.”

Prof Nick Hart, clinical director of respiratory, sleep and critical care
Busy hospital room with staff wearing full PPE

Fighting on the frontline

Guy’s and St Thomas’ was one of the first NHS Trusts to treat people with COVID-19. When the pandemic struck, the exceptional teams rapidly adapted to meet the acute needs of our communities and beyond – redeploying hundreds of staff to help provide critical care for the sickest. Their dedicated response saw them win a prestigious award.

Many staff had to isolate, staying away from families and loved ones to help protect them and the vulnerable people they were caring for. Working long shifts also meant many team members missed supermarket shopping hours, finding it hard to buy even the basic essential items.

But every single one – all the nurses, therapists, doctors, pharmacists, technicians, administrators and housekeepers – responded with dedication and courage during the pandemic. And we’re honoured to support them as they continue to be at the forefront of the nation’s response: pioneering new treatments, and undertaking ground-breaking research. 

“I was at my front door, and I just crumpled down and cried at the door step. I didn’t really want my wife to see me as I was.”

ICU nurse highlighting the personal impact of fighting the pandemic
Joshua Greenwood, resident pharmacist.

Going further to support staff

Thanks to your donations, we helped create wellbeing zones across the hospitals, calming spaces where the extraordinary teams can decompress, rest and recharge.

To help staff cope with the fear, exhaustion and anxiety that comes with working through COVID-19, we’re funding an ongoing package of support for their psychological and spiritual health. Care is tailored to meet an individual’s needs, regardless of their race, religion or background.

Dr Raselle Miller, lead clinical psychologist, says, ‘It’s absolutely vital that the team’s mental health is recognised and supported. If you value the wellbeing of staff, the quality of care goes up and the quality of patients’ experience also increases.’

High angle view of a cardboard box filled with multicolored non-perishable canned goods, conserves, sauces and oils shot on wooden table. The composition includes cooking oil bottle, pasta, crackers, preserves and tins.

Boosting care for people with COVID-19

Being treated in hospital for COVID-19 can be scary and isolating. So, thanks to our supporters, we helped fund ‘amenity kits’ containing basic toiletries, phone chargers, books, puzzles and craft materialsThese helped to bring some normality to an unusual time and easesome anxiety or loneliness. 

When they get back home, many patients are understandably uncomfortable about going food shopping, so we’re also backing a programme that provides them with store cupboard essentials to keep them going before they can stock up.

Two ICU Doctors in scrubs looking at the camera

Pioneering treatments for COVID-19

As the pandemic has gone on, Guy’s and St Thomas’ dedication to pioneering new treatments and advancing different approaches hasn’t declined. And neither has our commitment to supporting their inspiring work.

Like ground-breaking research into long-COVID, such as symptom studies that have already identified a way to predict how ill someone with COVID-19 might become. Plus, we’re backing the UK’s first trial of talking therapies to support long-COVID patients.

Working with researchers, expert clinicians, hospital trusts and other charities across South East London, we’re helping Guy’s and St Thomas’ develop a unique ‘one-stop shop’ to help speed up the recovery of those living with long-COVID. The results of the project will pave the way for similar schemes across the whole country.

Rallying round the astounding staff

From doctors and nurses to porters and housekeepers, every member of staff is going above and beyond on every shift to tackle this pandemic. Your donations, rallying around them in their time of need, continue to give them the strength they need to meet the challenges they face.

We couldn’t be prouder to be their charity and we know our supporters feel the same. Keep donating and sharing and helping them feel valued.

Male hospital worker in full PPE

Donate to support Guy’s and St. Thomas’ frontline staff.