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Helping patients keep connected to their loved ones

Thanks to the generous support of our donors, we’re able to help patients keep in touch with their loved ones, bringing them comfort and connection when isolated from their friends and families.

When Georgia Prorok was recovering from COVID-19 in intensive care, she felt scared and isolated.

Above all, Georia missed having her loved ones nearby because coronavirus restrictions meant that visitors wasn’t possible. 

“I think the hardest thing was that I didn’t realise it was lockdown,” says Georgia. “I was looking forward to having my family next to me. I couldn’t understand why there was no one there.” 

With your support, we have been able to fund a Family Communications Team to help patients use Life Lines, an online platform that uses tablet computers to enable virtual ‘bedside’ visits, and stay connected to their loved ones.   

“Life Lines saved my life. Being able to see my husband and sister’s faces and their smiles, and hear their voices gave me the strength to keep fighting"

Georgia Prorok

Life Lines was developed by Prof Louise Rose and Dr Joel Meyer, supported through King’s Health Partners in collaboration with clinicians, academics, companies and charities. 

Connecting over video calls made all the difference for families like Georgia’s who were separated from their loved ones during the pandemic. 

“Before Life Lines all we could do was speak on the phone and it was a one-way conversation with me speaking to her. And I didn’t know if she could hear me. There was no way that she could respond or acknowledge what I was saying,” recalls John, Georgia’s husband. 

“Being given the gift of being able to see her and communicate to her was just the most profound, special gift that anyone could really give at that time.”  

Thanks to virtual visiting, countless patients and their families have been able to spark magical moments on our hospital wards. This has included marriage proposals and introducing babies to members of their family in hospital. 

“There is not enough thank yous that I can say to show how much I appreciate every single person that works for the NHS. I'm where I am with my recovery from the great team that looked after me.”

Georgia Prorok

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