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Caring for our carers through the pandemic

The committed teams at Guy’s and St Thomas’ never stopped their tireless efforts to care for our community throughout the pandemic. That’s why our supporters are giving back to staff and funding the expansion of a dedicated wellbeing service for them.

The pandemic has asked a lot of the teams at Guy’s and St Thomas’, who have often had to work relentlessly while often also isolating from their loved ones to protect them. But for staff to continue delivering exceptional care for patients, it’s vital to support their welfare. 

We’re passionate about caring for the dedicated teams at Guy’s and St Thomas’, and because of your donations, staff at Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust have access to the broadest health and wellbeing support offer in the NHS. 


“Our varied wellbeing support offers have allowed people to have confidential, safe spaces to think about the impact that these times have had on them, and to consider the resources they have to feel safe and able to do their work.”

Dr Raselle Miller, lead clinical psychologist in staff wellbeing

The stress and pressure of working through the pandemic can take its toll on people working across the NHS, with many healthcare workers experiencing emotional distress.  Thanks to the backing of our generous supporters, we’re able to fund a spiritual and psychological support service that is tailored to each individual’s needs.  

 The available support ranges from an informal well-being conversation to referrals for talking therapy. Following particularly challenging experiences, teams are also offered de-briefs and wellbeing support tailored to meet their specific needs. 

“Nobody has experienced a time like this before, and many colleagues will feel the ground has shifted underneath them. This is why spiritual care is important to remind colleagues how valuable they are to the communities they care for.”

Revd Mia Hilborn, head of spiritual health care at Guy’s and St Thomas’

We know that healthcare workers from ‘global majority’ backgrounds (sometimes known as ‘Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic’) and those on lower incomes aredisproportionately affected by both higher rates of mortality from COVID-19 and impact on their psychological wellbeing.   

 To help address this, a Clinical Psychologist specialising in supporting global majority group access is also available to staff. 

All staff deserve to feel valued, to feel supported and to feel important at work and Charity funding has allowed that to happen by acknowledging the unique needs of our diverse workforceexplains Dr Miller.  

Looking after staff means they can keep looking after everyone else. Help continue to support our dedicated teams