Our organisation

Our staff members, trustees and committee members are committed to ensuring we meet our ambition of enabling innovation in health and healthcare.

Our people

Our trustees and Executive Team make decisions about funding, and our committees make recommendations to the trustees.

Our staff and trustees ensure we meet our strategic objectives.

Working for us

Our trustees

Our trustees have an overall, high-level perspective of our organisation. They ensure that we invest in high-potential projects that are in line with our mission.

They supervise the investment of our endowment, ensuring that a balance is struck between taking risk to generate returns and maintaining its value in real terms. They take decisions on major projects seeking charitable support on advice from committees and delegate other decision-making powers to our Executive Funding Team.

How we make our decisions

Our governance structure and procedures set out who makes the decisions on investments, how we manage risks and how we ensure that we act for the public benefit.

Our constitution

We are an independent charity, regulated by the Charity Commission.

We achieved our status on 1 April 2015, following a reconstitution process. Although we are no longer an NHS charity, our mission and strategy continue to be the same and we carry on working closely with our partners.

Committed to fair pay

We have been an official Living Wage Employer since July 2016.